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Work with one of India's top public cloud hosting service providers for infrastructure-as-a-service solutions that allow organizations of any size to enjoy the advantages of managed cloud services that help meet bespoke business needs.

ZeaCloud® offers a standardized, highly automated Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) complemented by on-demand cloud storage and networking capabilities. All resources provided are scalable, real-time and, charged as per the use of each element in your individual solution, so you get your virtual data center at a very affordable cost. We spare you from the complex maintenance and huge cost of having your own data center. Our specialists will also create your self-service interface for you to access directly and configure as per requirements.

Automated Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Standardized or specialized cloud hosting service management and operations portfolios for a variety of applications such as data centers, hybrid clouds, DevOps, and workforce productivity, and several more, with:

  • Fully managed Human + AI operations for hands-free day to day execution

  • Round-the-clock support & monitoring for rapid issue resolution

Offload the complexity and unnecessary overheads involved while managing and maintaining datacenters on a managed public cloud infrastructure as a service provider that's up to the task, with:

  • Self-healing cloud solution architectures to ensure data recovery and business continuity

  • Public, private, and hybrid cloud managed backup services to secure business-critical data and ensure business recoverability from human error or systemic failure

Count on a customized cloud migration strategy and unique management solutions tailored to suit specific business needs, built for scale and agility, with:

  • Standardized, highly automated, on-demand storage & networking capabilities for managed public cloud or on-site private cloud deployment at a data center of your choice

  • Solutions to manage multiple cloud services through a unified self-service dashboard, easily accessible from anywhere in the world

A dedicated team of cloud solution architects oversee the construction and operation of robust customized managed cloud service solution frameworks that are neither over engineered, nor underperform, with:

  • Tailored solutions for specific business needs and outcomes in mind

  • A cloud managed services pricing model based on actual usage for individual services

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