ZeaCloud only charges you for the services ordered or consumed by the customer. Please email us at [email protected] if you find any discrepancies/deviations in our invoices within 7 days of receiving it. We shall verify the same from our records and correct the same. We may not be able to entertain any requests of billing discrepancy after 7 days of invoices generation.

Services provisioned through customer self-service portal

The services consumed through https://my.zeacloud.com have post-paid and pre-paid billing models. If you find any discrepancy in the automatically generated invoice, we usually offer a credit in your account after verification of our records which can be utilized to further avail services from ZeaCloud. However, committed bare-metal servers or fixed-price commit plans are not eligible for refunds. In case of plans where there is a minimum commit amount and there is variable component based on usage, the variable component only can refunded if remains unutilized by the subscriber.

Services provisioned manually

Services which have been provisioned manually through a service order under post-paid plans are governed by the Master Services Agreement signed between ZeaCloud and Customer. The refund policy for such plans shall be governed as the MSA signed.

Coupons and Vouchers

ZeaCloud issues vouchers and coupons at different times which permit any person to use them to avail as credit into their cloud consumption account. The value of the vouchers can be redeemed to the customer account on https://my.zeacloud.com and the same can be utilized to avail certain cloud services from ZeaCloud. However, the value of these vouchers and coupons is not eligible for any refund.

Software Licenses

All software licenses which are provided by ZeaCloud under monthly recurring cost plan are billed for the entire month regardless of period of usage during the month. Once a software license has been used during a calendar month it is NOT eligible for a refund. Refund of software license cost paid for unused future months is however possible.

Requesting Refund

You can raise a request for refund to [email protected], in case if you think that you are eligible for a refund along with all details including relevant invoice details and customer ID. We shall investigate the same. If your case is approved, then the refund would be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, within 5 business days. Note that the transaction fees charged by payment gateways are not refunded.

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