Drive Business Continuity With Fully Managed Desktop as a Service

ZeaCloud® Desktop as a Service (DaaS) brings you a fully managed cloud desktop so your organization can support multiple devices easily, especially to keep up with the work-from-home and remote productivity needs of the time. Make your remote and in-office teams more productive than ever before. Get started immediately with a fast, flexible, and secure cloud environment that is easy to deploy and use.

Bring flexibility to your existing enterprise infrastructure with our comprehensive, custom, and cost-effective DaaS solutions. All your employee data is securely store and available for access from multiple devices of choice so you could support various models including work-from-home, remote, client-site, or on-the-go, to ensure maximum efficiency.

Empower your employees with structured secure access to all your organizational resource pool of applications with easy, instant, and secure to the virtual desktop infrastructure using their credentials on any device, anywhere.

Power Multi-Geography Teams With Remote,
Virtual Desktop Access

ZeaCloud® delivers uninterrupted, secure and optimized low-latency virtual desktop
infrastructure solutions to power your remote and in-office teams

Remote Infrastructure Delivery

Remote desktop infrastructure setup for your teams with secure, centralized data enables access on devices such as laptops, smartphones, or tablets.

Improved Agility

Our services enable fast and accurate virtualization of critical business applications while improving storage performance.

Boosted Productivity

Our configurations ensure more simplified cloud storage management and hardware consolidation to ensure higher productivity.

Advanced Resource Optimization

We ensure advanced levels of resource optimization by combining available resources and dividing bandwidth across channels.

Industries ZeaCloud® Serves

Our holistic approach to cloud management and a team of experts with over a
decade's experience have helped us create innovative strategies and successfully
implement reliable solutions across industry verticals.









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