Undeniable Facts - Cloud Security 101


Nov, 2020

Undeniable Facts - Cloud Security 101

Companies of all sizes - large and small - around the globe are contemplating cloud computing. Although cloud can render significant advantages, many companies are still concerned about data security.

Appropriately what should you be looking out for while consigning a cloud provider with your most prized asset — your data?

Primarily, in an industry in which businesses must conform with regulatory interdiction, it is mandated to clinch that your provider is well intimated with the compliances and is implementing it as specified by the authority.

Though cloud providers exert themselves to ensure security, companies need to understand that they may be not having direct control of it and there is a risk of data being attacked or hacked; it’s peremptory before making your decision to carefully consider the service provider.

Companies must corroborate that your data is exclusively for the contemplated intent and the cloud provider is not accessing your data. You need to ascertain to your provider that data integrity will not be compromised. Data confinement, retention, and deletion procedures need to be outlined to make sure that data is being removed from all existing repositories following a given framework.

If there are any chances of instances in which your data security might get breached, you need to have an agreed-upon mechanism with your cloud provider which ensures any breach of security is promptly reported to the company.

Once both parties have entered into a contractual agreement, companies need to be sure that they are aware of and understand all the terms of the agreement.

Cloud service providers present a range of services to organizations. However, the user must be aware of the exposure to risk that is presupposed when they relegate their data to a cloud provider.

Although there is plenty of guidelines and austere regulations for data privacy and security, the thing is always there that cloud computing is a transnational phenomenon. What companies and organizations need to judge is where your data is stored, how it is used, how and who is processing it, and what is the procedure. Somehow, getting answers to these questions may become challenging for the company.

But the good news is that cloud infrastructure can be more secure than your on-premises or data center ever was. The datacenters run by ZeaCloud® are more likely secured and more steadily operated. The servers of ZeaCloud® are more reliably structured than the datacenters you are responsible for operating and securing. Additionally, security and compliance are fully programmable, and companies get an option to get add-on security compliances into your cloud environments. This was unfeasible in the on-premises environment with its extensive collection of big boxes which require manual configuration every time. ZeaCloud® provides a thorough solution for securing your resources in the cloud.

Companies no longer need to trade speed and celerity for security and compliance. With ZeaCloud®, you can have both! Assembled with the right tools, developers can move faster and more securely than ever before.


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