How CIOs Can Tackle Skill Shortage For Cloud Adoption


Apr, 2022

How CIOs Can Tackle Skill Shortage For Cloud Adoption

Understanding how to overcome the problems caused by skills shortage to empower your business with cloud technologies is the most crucial step in creating a robust IT infrastructure.

Cloud adoption is something that all businesses out there must consider, regardless of their industry. Whether they approach migration in a one-time lift and shift manner or plan it out in multiple phases, cloud as an IT and business strategy should be a top consideration for enterprise leaders. However, some challenges keep businesses from adopting cloud technologies. The skills shortage is one of the biggest problems out of them.

If your business is going through the same challenge, understand how to overcome the problems caused by skills shortage to empower your business with cloud technologies. Continue to read and we will share how you can do it.

Maximizing value from cloud by navigating the skills shortage

You shouldn’t consider skill shortage as an excuse and refrain from cloud adoption. Regardless of the challenges you face, it is important to continue with cloud adoption. This is where you will need to have an effective architecture. The architecture should support automation and compossibility. For example, it should have appropriate processes to manage repeatable tasks such as system monitoring and cloud deployment. Then you will not have to rely on resources to monitor your cloud environments or deploy new releases to the cloud.

On top of that, you should ensure your IT velocity with compossibility. By doing that, you can get the maximum out of the limited resources that you have. This will enable new models for you, such as hybrid computing.

By developing rules, you can reduce the overall dependability that you have on cloud specialists. That’s because the rules you have implemented in place would ensure cloud optimization at all times. If there is a need for a cloud specialist to attend, an alert will be generated.

Cloud computing solutions you develop should be standardized as well. Then you will be able to scale them up in the future without a lot of effort. If there is a change to your business, you can do some quick modifications and align it with the cloud strategy.

The reasons for cloud adoption skill shortage

There is a serious skill shortage for cloud adoption. That’s mainly because the world is moving so fast with technology. To cater to the demands, there should be more cloud specialists working. However, the number of new opportunities opening up for cloud specialists is outpacing the total number of cloud specialists who come to the industry. As a result, we can see a skill shortage. This skill shortage will not end in the near future. Hence, it is important to pay special attention to alternative approaches, which will minimize the impact of skill shortage.

How CIO can find the right cloud adoption partner amidst the skill shortage

CIOs working for companies are now dealing with the challenge of finding the perfect cloud adoption partners. There is no possibility of hiring a cloud specialist in the company. Even if you do hire an in-house team of cloud specialists, it would be a challenge to keep them. That’s because cloud specialists are highly in demand, and CIOs will have to investing in building an environment to retain and train them in new technologies at regular intervals. This is where the strategic support and implementation services offered by managed cloud service providers comes into play.

A CIO can think about partnering with a reputed managed cloud services company , instead of hiring cloud specialists. ZeaCloud® will provide all the support a business needs while moving operations into the cloud and managing operations in the cloud. This is a hassle-free method available for businesses to harness all benefits offered by cloud computing. Hence, any CIO can partner with a managed IT services company, keeping no second thought in mind.

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