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Our public cloud and data availability solutions provide the agility and flexibility, with the security and performance you expect from a trusted provider. We are a young brand supported by our parent company's rich legacy in the information technology services management space. Each product and solution developed and deployed by ZeaCloud® focuses on delivering hyper performance and uninterrupted business continuity for smarter business outcomes, increased cost optimization, and uncompromised security.

Why ZeaCloud® ?

All the benefits of cloud, minus the hassle of managing infrastructure. Leveraging the power of virtualization, automation, orchestration, and self-service, we deliver the full capabilities of cloud computing for enterprises.

Pay-as-you-go Model

  • Plug and Play your cloud station
  • Pay for resources you use. Not a dime more.

Simplified Cloud

  • No more complexities
  • Simpler deployment, migration, management and scale up

Built For Speed

  • Work on high data transfer speeds at lower power consumption
  • Run 100X faster than traditional HDDS with NVMe, with low latency & higer OP's

Large Network Access

  • Network peering with top ISPs in India for best user experience
  • 24x7 support across voice, text, social media, and the web.

Hyper Compute HorsePower

  • Run your performance intensive apps on our high-frequency compute horsepower with 3+ GHz processors
  • Experience one of industry's lowest latency memory and fastest NVMe storage stack.

What we provide

Our Associations

We have the privilege of working with leading global technology brands to deliver the best combination of infrastructure services to our clients.



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